Painting on silk

Delta Art Gallery, in collaboration with Scorpios Hotel & Suites

Organizes art seminars
For those who wish to combine their holidays with art “painting on silk” or Painting with Merino wool, on silk, with felting. The workshops take place during May – June and September – October.

A) Class Painting on silk
3 hours of workshops/day for 6 days, in the garden of the GALLERY and the SCORPIOS HOTEL & SUITES, next to the pool. with a 30′ break for a dip in the pool, a drink.

All materials and tools to paint: handkerchief 30x30cm, handkerchief 45x45cm, handkerchief, scarf, 2 greeting cards, a jewelry for the hand. You will take your creations with you. The workshop starts at 1:30pm.

Cost €500/person. For more information or to book the workshop of your choice,